Religious Education

Christ's great commission was to "Go make Disciples of all Nations".  In Latin the word for disciple simply means student.  We are all called to be disciples or students of Jesus.  Here at Holy Family we understand the value of Education and how important it is to make our world a better place.  There are many pillars to our faith and the social teaching of the Church, but it seems to be well summarized by the following four pillars: Human Dignity, every human is valued by God from the first moment of conception to natural death, Religious Liberty, real faith can only be lived in the context of freedom, we profound respect everyone's faith, Solidarity, we are all one in the family of humanity and we strive to see everyone as a brother and sister, and lastly Subisidiarity, this simply means we try and empower our students to be pro-active and try and solve problems that are most near to them.  We are called to recognize the face of Christ in everyone we meet.  If we do that, there is a chance they may recognize Christ in us!