What is a Next Generation Parish

Our Pastoral Priorities


  • Definition: We will offer programs and opportunities to serve all members of our community so that they may deepen their relationship with Jesus.  The programs will align with our bishop’s priorities and the great commission.
  • Rationale: Our survey results revealed a significant need to strengthen spiritual enrichment opportunities for the parishioners.  These initiatives will help the community more dynamically engage their faith and the world.

Smart Goal:  Increase participation in new and current faith formation offerings to 160 -180 people at Holy Family and 30-40 people at St. John’s by May 13, 2023.


  • Definition:  We will introduce various strategic initiatives to better engage our current parishioners and integrate newcomers with a focus of increasing Mass attendance and participation at other parish events.   
  • Rationale:  Survey results revealed an opportunity to create a more welcoming environment.  Our faith community will benefit from greater participation at Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, receiving the Holy Sacraments, tithing, and involvement in parish ministries, which will lead to an overall increase in the numbers. 

Smart Goal: Increase newly registered households by 200 at Holy Family and by 50 at St. John’s by May 13, 2023


  • Definition: We will develop a new pattern of communication and an enriched collaborative relationship between each respective parish and school in order to utilize the resources, build community, and help our children grow as disciples of Christ.
  • Rationale: Both parish surveys showed similar areas of growth potential. While the parishes and schools have managed to operate somewhat independently of one another, we believe that we have a wealth of untapped potential stemming from more cooperation between all.

Smart Goal: Increase percentage of “strongly agree” responses on the DMI question, “I have adequate support from my parish to help my child(ren) grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ” from 13% to 33% at Holy Family and from 8% to 33% at St. Johns by May 13th, 2023